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To find out about the use of animals in research and the implications of Brexit for animal use and welfare see our introduction to S E S and animal testing.

November 2019


2013 OU Animal Use Statement

In March 2013 the OU Animal Ethics Advisory Group (AEAG) provided OUSA with the following information on the amount of animal tissue used for research.

Please note that animal tissue is not used in any OU residential teaching courses.

Year Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) latest figures
2012 484 rodents

The Open University has published its policy on teaching and research involving animals and this information is available on the OU website. See Open University Animal Use Statement.

April 2013



Sam puts her money where her mouth is!

Putting her money where her mouth is, Sam Covington, SES Treasurer and Conference Delegate, is a guinea pig in a fifteen-week nutrition research programme at Imperial College. This involves her being starved, having adipose fat and muscle tissue cut out of her several times during the 2nd and 15th weeks, and having to follow a strict dietary regime. You can follow her progress on her blog.

December 2012



Good news from the Dean of Science!

We have received the following statement from the Dean of Science.

"As part of our commitment to teaching in the Life Sciences, we have made minimal use of animal and plant tissue in the past. However all our practical teaching is now on-line and we no longer run the residential schools where these tissues were worked on by students. Although there are still optional residential components to some of our science modules, these are for astronomers to work with telescopes, and earth scientists and environmental scientists to do fieldwork. There are also chemistry lab practical sessions for some students. We do not plan to use animals or animal tissue in our teaching. We use virtual experiments, on computer, to teach the skills in practical science that our students need."

September 2012



O U Study without harm

If you are a student who is interested in Biology, Life Sciences or Health Science and you are deterred from studying these topics by the prospect of being expected to cause harm to animals, please do not be put off. Students signing up to a new programme of study after autumn 2012 can study for Life Sciences qualifications at the Open University without causing harm to animals.

June 2012