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What we do

We campaign to persuade the Open University to end its harmful use of animals in life sciences, and replace it with academically equivalent or superior animal-free alternatives. We also provide information for students about current OU Life Sciences courses, which currently, at undergraduate level, involve no harmful use of animals.

For us to continue with this work and to remain eligible to take motions to OUSA Conference we need to maintain a membership from among like-minded current and former students and Open University staff. So it's no problem if you aren't able to take an active part in what we do (in fact the majority of our members don't); just being a member is valuable.  The more people show their support for an OU that no longer exploits animals, the more weight our voice carries.


How to join

Full membership is open to OU students, ex-students and staff of all disciplines.

Contact details for membership enquiries and application are:

SES Membership Secretary
54 Sunningdale
Bristol BS37 4JA

The email address for membership enquiries is on the membership application form.

Membership is free, but a donation, suggested amount of £3 to £10, will help towards our expenses. Please make cheques/P.O.s payable to Students for Ethical Science.

You may also download the application form in Word .doc format. You may either complete it using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, Open Office or Office Star) and email it to the above email address or, if you are including a donation, complete it, print it off and send it to the above postal address.


What membership provides

Vivien Pomfrey has an emailing list for informing SES members about news relating to animal experimentation and other animal welfare issues. This information is well worth receiving, but you may opt out of joining the list if you would prefer not to.