Current OUSA policy on OU animal use

The following is taken from the O U S A Policy Statement for 2012

20. Animals in Experiments

This Association recognises the Open University’s endorsement of the principles of the 3 Rs (namely Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement) in its use of animals, and in order to demonstrate its continuing commitment to those principles we ask the University to make an annual statement giving numbers of animals used in research and in education, year – on – year, until five successive years are shown and thereafter show the figures for the current and the four preceding years, and that this report be sent to the General manager of OUSA for onward transmission to those who request it.

We also ask that the University:

  • to encourage the development of teaching methods that do not use animals harmfully and ensuring that new modules avoid the use of animals except when there is no alternative
  • encourage research students to discover and use methods that are not harmful to animals
  • source any animal tissues or materials ethically
  • to make it clear to students in the module choice publications and web pages that they will be able to opt out of animal experiments without penalty, and/or alternative methods of learning the same processes will be provided
  • to include student representation on University Committees and Advisory Groups where animal use is tabled for discussion.