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About Students for Ethical Science

Students for Ethical Science (SES) is a society of Open University (OU) students, former students and staff which aims to persuade the OU, by peaceful and legal means, to end its harmful use of animals in life sciences, and replace it with academically equivalent or superior animal-free alternatives.

Our activities include gathering and disseminating information about alternatives to animal experiments, publicising the rights of students to demand these. We exchange information with other bodies campaigning for humane science, such as the Dr Hadwen Trust, BUAV, InterNICHE and the Green Party.

Following recent experiences which revealed how far the university and its (university-funded) students' association have strayed from the open and inclusive philosophies of its founders, we also exert pressure for the implementation of these values, which are fundamental to progressive education and scientific advancement.


 SES and OUSA Conference

As an O U S A affiliated society, as a part of our campaign, we can put forward motions to OUSA conference proposing policy on OU animal use. We can also send delegates to OUSA conference to present our motions and put forward the case for using alternatives to harmful animal use in life sciences.

Please see the current OUSA policy on OU animal use.



SES Forum on the Virtual Learning Environment

In common with other Societies we have an online Forum associated with us on the Open University's Virtual Learning Environment. If you are a current or recent student, you may access and contribute to this forum at OUSA Ethical Science. You will need to be signed in as an OU student.

Alternatively you main gain access to the forum as follows:

  1. Sign into your student home page.
  2. The fourth group of links in the left hand column is under the heading Links. In this group, select the link OU Student Association Forums.
  3. In the main section of the page, under the heading OUSA Social forums website, follow the link to OUSA Live.
  4. Scroll down to the heading Societies and follow the link to Societies.
  5. This will take you to a page listing the Societies forums. Select OUSA Ethical Science.